ON THE PERIPHERY of eastern Slovenia there is a lovely, beautiful landscape hiding a deep secret. What kind of RESONANCE is persuading this old tale of noble knighthood to re-emerge out of the ancient ruins, castles, monasteries, chapels, valleys, hills, forests, fields, rivers, wells, caves and human dwellings? Why just now, while mankind is crossing this difficult threshold into the 21st century? Is perhaps this gentle power of resonance lifting us to the most intensive  state, where  all our actions can unite and gain on strength while  aspiring to  turn crisis after crisis into something better?

It was long after we started with Terra Parzival development when, as a total surprise, a cosmic resonance responded to my violin in the heart of Cheops pyramid, encouraging the further pursuit of our vision: that IT IS possible and necessary to place the formative forces of Art in the centre of a regional development to compliment the rational with truly human and all-encompassing!

Cheops pyramid has been there for thousands of years when in the 9th century Gahmuret, father of Parzival, was passing by with his small army on his way to Baghdad. His origin was Lower Styria, region of Drava and Dravinja and in his famous Parzival epic the great medieval troubadour Wolfram von Escehbach reveals to us various locations of Gahmuret and Gandin’s kingdom.

But Terra Parzival is not just about history!  We remember the future! Our challenge is the composition and development of society inspired through the formative forces of Art, striving to relate economy, sustainability and human rights on the high performance platform of resonance, realising the Macro Violin principle!

Welcome to join the co-creation!

Miha Pogacnik
for Terra Parzival team


Terra Parzival se je kot regijski razvojni projekt predstavila na srečanju na Štatenbergu 11.10. 2013.